My daughter and I hug and kiss and say, “I love you” all day long to each other. She even says it in her sleep because I have been whispering it to her in her sleep since birth. I want her conscious and subconscious mind to always know without a shadow of a doubt that she is loved daily unconditionally.

Not only do I teach her that I am proud of her, I teach her the importance of being proud of herself, which if you ask me is priceless!

Children seek the approval of their loved ones and want to please those who have their hearts. I remember being young and how good it felt to hear my mom say, “Good job” or “I am proud of you.” I watch my daughter turn around in Tae Kwon Do and give me thumbs up during class when she does something well. She’s supposed to be focusing but she is still looking to see if I am watching and if I approve.

I am that loud, cheering mother who sits in the front with no shame. I also cheer for the other children and tell them, “Great job,” as well. I am sure some of the other parents think I’m nuts, but I am okay with that. Everyone gets encouraged, it’s the thing to do. 4 days a week, all the children in her class hear from me how great they did.

I didn’t realize a large number of children are never shown affection. Not only do their parents not show up, they don’t cheer for their little champions. Next time you are at one of your children games, meets or school, please cheer for the child who is excelling but not hearing the cheering echo. Your cheer, approval and encouragement may be the only one they receive that day.

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