You can NOT push a man or force him to be vulnerable with you. It is just not going to happen. Men choose who they are willing to be open with, just as they choose a wife. All you can do is create a safe nonjudgmental place, so if he does choose to share with you, he won’t feel it will be taken as a sign of weakness. If he doesn’t choose to share, Sis, you aint the one! (Just being honest.)

Brothas, please don’t be fake vulnerable just to get sex. (That’s when we treat you like a sucka, we feel that shit.) That’s the weakest, most disrespectful shit in the world. When men are vulnerable, they allow their partners into their lives. Their partner feels closer to them, which then leads to improvement in every aspect of the relationship.

Vulnerable men teach women something about themselves that allows women to understand them, and why they are together romantically better.  If you are looking for a truly compassionate and an intimate partner, let her into your emotional life. You will be surprised once you do how much more attracted to you she will be. Women run off emotion while men run off rationale so let me make it plain for you men. Stop making it all about sex and make it about her emotions and it will lead you to having more sex! If I didn’t explain that rationally enough, I can’t help you. LOL.

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