I lost myself and forgot who I am. I had been in California way too long.

YO, Duquesne, Pennsylvania and all my east coast folks, let me tell you about my conforming ass. I needed to get the fuck outta California. I say this because I let this dude convince me to go to some shit called Bikram Yoga!

This is not just yoga, but the room is like 120 degrees and they got you in there doing all kinda weird stretches with your body! Well, my hypoglycemic self hadn’t eaten anything all day and it was 4:30pm so I grabbed 2 cheeseburgers and went to class!

I was dizzy as fuck feeling like I was gonna puke and all these half-dressed, happy as fuck Cali folks were in there doing the splits and smiling and shit! LMFAO.

It was a 90-minute class.  I did about 80 minutes, okay maybe 75 minutes.  All the other time, I laid my ass on that stinky mat and tried to breathe.

Wasn’t excited about taking my shoes off and touching their floor, but I lived! It wasn’t that bad. I might go back. Before you LA folks start chiming in about YOGA, just know that’s some ol Hollywood bullshit to us East Coast folks, okay. Not saying Yoga is bad shit.  I tried it but it ain’t a part of our day to day life, though we heard of the shit B4 LMFAO!  It doesn’t smell too fresh in there either.

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