All you have to do is really think with a clear mind, be rational and use common sense. Children often carry the emotions of their parents.

1. Show your child respect.

Children learn from example.  They will copy what they see you doing throughout their life. So, if you don’t want them (your child) calling people out of their names, don’t call other people out of their name in front of your child or speak to them in a degrading tone. You are your child’s first teacher and most influential person in their life. Whether you want them to or not, they will do as they see you do. So, teach them how to respect you and others by you showing everyone around you respect. Also respect yourself, don’t let your child see you behave irrationally or social unacceptably, because they will do the same.

2. Lead by example

If you cuss, 9 times out of 10 your child will grow up and use foul language also. I am doomed, my child has already repeated some of my words. The “do as I say, not as I do” only works as long as we are in our child’s presence. If your baby grows up seeing violence in their home, most likely they will respond to difficult times in their life with violence. Children learn how to deal with their problems by examples of the adults around them.

3. Keep an open mind and heart

You are raising an individual. Don’t have the mindset that it is your way or the highway. Different people have different opinions about things, it doesn’t mean your way or your child’s way is right or wrong. Stay open and don’t make them afraid to express themselves. If they don’t feel comfortable expressing their opinions at home, you will be stunting their growth as a person outside the home.

4. Be their biggest fan

Approval from your parent is what every child wants no matter the age. If you want them to have a healthy self-esteem it is important for you to be their fan. Let them know they can change the world and everything they do positive is important. Don’t let anyone praise your child more than you! Let them know they are beautiful inside and out. Encourage them to pursue something positive that captures their attention.

5. Love unconditionally.

Everyone needs to know they have someone in their corner. Someone they can go to no matter what, a confidant. Make sure they know you will not always agree with every decision they make but you will be there NO MATTER WHAT. Make sure your child knows you are a permanent fixture in their life.

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