Fellas, a lot of you out there are sending your wieners to the ladies hoping it’s going to draw you some attention… let me break it down to you. NO WOMAN IS GOING TO EVER TAKE YOU SERIOUS! The same wiener picture you sent to me, I understand you sent it to many others. Often, even to my homegirl and bruh…we compare notes and clown your ass behind your back. Just like a man, would we often share your picture when we see you are a mutual friends with the homie. (That way they know what you are working with.)

While on occasion it might get you laid, sorry buddy that’s as far as it’s going to go.

You can’t lead with your dick and expect it can be romance. Women have evolved as far as their sexuality and their common-sense buddies. No woman wants a man who’s been showing off his love muscle in private Facebooks groups. It’s a joke and a turn off. They are not going to EVER parade you around with pride while their homegirls are laughing. Yes, they might have paid you all the attention until they got what they wanted but then it was over. See women are now flipping the script! This is a conversation and mentality we learned from you guys, now we get to use it against you too. Men need to hold themselves in the same regard they hold us ladies because we are laughing at many of y’all the SAME WAY!

You need to cut it OUT! Approach is everything.  Often women can’t get beyond the approach. If you want things to be more than one night, you got to work little harder. There are men in our inbox sending cash app money for NO REASON and plane tickets! In other words, you sending your dick, we gonna treat you like a dick! No exceptions… It’s all good kid.  You played yourself.  You get what you give! You sent the homie the same dusty dick picture.  BRUH WE KNOW AND WE ARE LAUGHING AT YOU!

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