There are seasons to plant and seasons to harvest. If you plant certain foods during the wrong season, the cold or hot temperature may kill off the entire crop before it is even able to root. This holds true to life as well as gardening.

We need to learn to stop comparing our garden (life) to others. Being content on exactly where you are in life is the key to happiness. My 40’s has taught me the universes gives us exactly what we need when we need it. Organically what is ours will come as long as we work for it. We can water our grass every day and it may not be as green as we like or grow as fast but the important part is we put the sod down. When it rains that sod will grow 3 times faster than it did from us watering it.

Life is all about timing and when the universe is ready. Be patient, give up some control, your time is yours and nobody and nothing can take it from you!

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