I get a lot of compliments on my teeth and for that I am grateful. People ask me how do I keep my teeth so white so I decided I needed to share my not so secrets with you.

I do shit ass backwards.  I floss first. Because when I brush my teeth then floss after and food or plaque comes out… I’m grossed out and wanna brush again. So, to save myself time, I floss first. Then I mush peroxide around my teeth sometimes even brushing with peroxide in my mouth. Be careful, don’t swallow peroxide and blame it on me! Peroxide is my mouthwash! Then, I brush my teeth using Toms toothpaste.  One day a week I use baking soda. If you hate the taste, just brush after with toothpaste. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, a large number of adults don’t know this! I also brush the roof of my mouth.

It’s important to get a regular cleaning from the dentist. I know a lot of people don’t have dental insurance and are scared of the cost but an out of pocket cleaning is like $100! If you can spend that on shoes or a purse, you need to spend it on your teeth. Did you know if you have plaque on your teeth you also have plaque on your heart?! Oral health is directly connected with your heart health. So, let’s stay heart healthy!


*Don’t even think about oral sex with plaque on someone’s teeth.  It’s a great way to contract a bacterial infection that’s not easily identified!

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