Don’t worry she won’t spoil it for your children… she will play along for their sake. She plays along for my mother who comes from the school of if you don’t believe, you don’t receive.

Bottom line, I couldn’t let my sweet child believe a fat, white man was going to bring her gifts every year for free. It in my opinion, that was setting her up for failure! Yes, black people, pipe it down.  I know I coulda told her Santa was black and took her to the hood to see a black Santa. Realistically turn on TV, look at pajamas and the decorations when you walk your child in the store. I have black Santas all over my house, thanks to my mom painting them, but the images of Santa thrown in our children’s faces everywhere is a white man.

She was smart enough to ask me if he was like Mickey Mouse…I giggled and told her, “Exactly honey, he is a character!”

She said, “Mommy, Uncle Chris lives in Thailand and Uncle Avreeayl lives in Singapore, we live in the USA, it’s impossible for him to get to everyone’s house in 1 night.”  (She knows how long those plane rides are.)

I giggled again and said, “You are too smart for your own good”. Then I whispered “The spirit of Santa is real. It’s all about giving and doing nice things for other people because everyone deserves nice things”. She smiled and said, “Mom, I want to be Santa.  Can we buy gifts for the kids in the orphanages?  They don’t have anyone to be Santa for them”. “Of course, we can,” I told her.

Regardless of your opinion about me telling my kid the truth, I did something right because her heart is pure and golden. She bought gifts to give to children in need (tried to use her own money but I wouldn’t let her). This is the second year for giving presents to children in need. This was her idea with no prompts from me, but from her own heart! She will grow up to be a self-thinker and know it’s okay not to be a sheep. At 4 years old, she is empathetic

to others in need. So, I will be that bad parent any day!

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