I was hesitant to take my daughter to the movies until she was old enough to actually sit through the whole movie and actually watch it. It took her 3 years to have interest in watching a whole movie, but even those had singing every 5 minutes.

The other day, she was extremely well behaved. She finished 14 lessons of school work by 10:20 a.m. and read all the pages herself. She’s 4! So as her mother, I felt she was owed a special treat. I got her dressed, we left the house, and she was excited. I had no clue where I was going to take her honestly. We just moved not too long ago, so I have no idea where anything is yet. She was just excited to be out of the house and on an adventure.

I pulled up in a shopping center looking for ice cream.  While I didn’t find ice cream, I found a movie theater. I pulled up and parked she said, “Mom, is this my treat?” I said, “Yup.” She screamed, “Yeaaahhh,” then asked, “Where are we?” I giggled and said, “The movies.” As we walked in, she looked at the posters on the walls and she stopped at Goosebumps 2. She pointed and said, “Mommy, I want to see that.” I said, “Baby, that is a scary movie. Are you sure?”  She got excited, jumped up and down and said, “Yes, yes, yes.”  She has been really into scary things and scary movies all month, thanks to my mother. My mother is one of those people who go all out for holidays.  She has a 7-foot-tall Frankenstein in her entryway and a headless bride, coffins and bones and a slew of other scary things everywhere in her home. My daughter LOVES them.

So, we walked inside and my luck it was 12:12 and Goosebumps 2 started at 12! So, we got our tickets. I asked her if she wanted popcorn or candy and snacks. She was turned off by the long line and was eager to get inside, so we went straight in. Her eyes lit up. First, she wanted to sit close, so we did. Then she looked back and saw those stadium seats and said, “Mom, we shoulda sat up there.” I looked at her and said, “Well, let’s go. You lead the way.” Thank God, it wasn’t crowded.  About 4 other families were in the theater. She walked 5 rows from the top turned around and with her loud whisper she said, “Momma, let’s sit here!” So, we did.

She wiggled in the seat, played with the arm rest, sat on my lap, then went back to her seat. Then the scary doll came to life and the movie got her! For a good 20 minutes, her eyes were peeled to the screen. She wasn’t scared at all.  In fact, there was a part when other kids screamed, and she was busy laughing. I looked down and was proud. I truly birthed my little spawn! I used to love scary movies. In fact, many of weekends Soleil and I had scary movie marathons while eating pizzas and spaghetti. Scary movies happen to be my favorite genre of films! So, I was loving every minute of her enthusiasm.

Then the gummy bears came alive and she looked at me and screamed, “Mommy, they are gonna kills those boys!”  While telling her, “Shhh,” I was holding back my laughter. Shortly after that exciting scene was over she looked at me and said, “Mom, now I need snacks.” Hahaha.  We ran down and I let her pick out what she wanted – a Cherry Icee, a small snack pack of popcorn and it came with M&Ms! She was excited all over again. Her Uncle D turned her onto M&Ms a couple years ago. We went back to the theater, she marched right back to the same seats and she laughed and giggled all the way until the end. She even wanted to watch the credits. We sat there till the lights came on and she was excited that we were the only ones left inside.

As we were walking out. I said, “Hey, boo, are you scared?” She said, “No, Mommy, but why those people didn’t clean up after themselves?” as she pointed at popcorn and wrappers on the floor. I giggled and said, “Because they have no home training, my love.” She smiled and said, “But we do, Mommy because we throw our trash away!” I smiled big and said, “Yes, we do babe.”  I was so proud.

People started telling me, “Oh, she’s not going to sleep tonight, she’s gonna be scared.  FALSE, she slept awesomely!!!  A whole 12 hours. See, I actually took the time when she was 2 years old watching Mickey Mouse to tell her, “Nothing on TV is real, it’s just entertainment!” Yes, at 2 years old and she hasn’t forgotten that. She watches YouTube and I tell her the same thing.  “Baby, that’s just entertainment, it’s not real, okay.”

So, unlike a lot of people, she knows it’s not real. That’s a lesson I wish more parents of my generation woulda taught their children then I may not think people are so stupid and less adults would call me “Max” and think I’m still in a relationship with Waldo, but that’s a whole other story!

Goosebumps 2 is an amazingly fun starter scary movie. Now, she is excited to read the books! It was an all-around Win Win!

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