People would say “OMG! Do you think you could be having twins?”. I went from 130 to 180 pounds by the end of my pregnancy! Yes, my belly looked kinda big. I was baking a whole baby! Every woman’s body is different. Your belly will change in pregnancy. Sometimes a belly button will pop out. Some ladies’ belly buttons will cave inward and lay flat. Whatever your belly does, it’s natural and okay.

I was completely amazed by my pregnant belly. Never in life have I ever been that heavy (Never in life will I ever be again). I wish I would have done a belly cast but unfortunately for me I was on bed rest with contractions for 7 months, but we will talk about that later. Belly sizes are as different as people. They come in all different sizes and shapes. Everyone will have an opinion and tell you how they carried during their own pregnancy. For your sanity, learn to smile and not listen to half of what comes out of people’s mouths. Every pregnancy is unique, so no need to compare your own to others. As long as you are getting your check ups and your doctor says everything looks fine… No need to worry.

Stretch marks can happen to anyone but it doesn’t mean it will happen to you. It seems to be a genetic thing. My mother doesn’t have them, but my cousin did, so I was terrified. Stretch marks were one of my biggest fears. I listened to women scare me for years about how my stomach would never be the same and to enjoy it while it lasted because once I had a baby I would never snap back to the way I was before, and how my belly button would look messed up with loose skin. JOKE IS ON THEM! I DO NOT HAVE STRETCH MARKS ON MY STOMACH AND IT IS JUST AS FLAT AS IT WAS BEFORE I GOT PREGNANT!

True story: my brother walked in the house one day and said, “Why does it smell like salad in here?” I laughed and said “Salad?” Then at the same time we both looked on the dresser at the bottle of olive oil I had next to the bed. “What the hell is that doing in here?” he asked. I giggled to myself and said, ” YO, I oil myself down 3 times a day from my neck down to my toes.” He said, “Olive Oil?” ” Yes,” I said. “Everything you put on your skin absorbs in your blood stream within 26 seconds.  I’m trying to keep it all natural for my baby,” I told him. Yeah, he laughed at me but now he brags about it because my tummy is tight and right with no stretch marks. I don’t care how bad it itched I was told not to scratch, I didn’t scratch!

If you are interested in getting your body back after giving birth reach out to us at We are here to help you. Naturally with NO supplements and it will be safe during breast feeding.

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