I decided that I needed a different life as a mother. Hollywood wasn’t the way I wanted to raise my kid. So after 36 years, I packed up my life and my kid and left town. I was scared it would mean a halt to my career, but my priority rang loud.

My child isn’t a Hollywood kid. She is a kid who deserves a chance to claim her own identity! She will develop  her own interests and desires and not the ones I or anyone else assumes she should have.

Yes, our life before the move was comfortable but I was uncomfortable taking my daughter to the grocery store, the park or anywhere because the first question people asked was, “Are you going to put her in the business?” After hearing it 100 times before she was one, it started to feel disrespectful.

I started asking people, “What do you do for a living and do you want that for your child?”

EVERYONE I asked back said, “NO!”

The common sense part of my brain didn’t understand but after I remembered the world doesn’t run off reality anymore and the lines of fact and fiction are blurred it was my confirmation. TIME TO GO!

Now, I live in a small country town that I won’t name because I love my privacy and the life it’s given us. Trips to the Walmart, the grocery store and the  park are all different! People recognize me; but they simply say, “Hello. How is your day?” AND they MEAN IT!!!

My daughter takes Tae Kwon Do, and I get to watch her without people talking about Urkle or asking about my next project. For the first time in 36 years, I am living and walking around with my head up instead of constantly looking down. I get to be like everyone else and SO does my child. Nobody is tryna sneak a picture to put on the internet. She’s just another cute child running around the neighborhood.

While I was nervous to make my child start over with new friends and without all her family, I had to remember that a mentally healthy, happy mother raises mentally healthy, happy children and that is really what it’s all about. My mother moved for me and now I moved for my child. Thank you, Momma.


2 thoughts on “THE MOVE

  1. You are dope af C. If she evers wants to be in that limelight she know she has that opportunity. So many people force their kids into something because they themselves didn’t have the talent or that they see their kid has an abundance of it and wants to showcase it far and wide. Your mom did what you wanted and deserved and now your kid has the options to do either or……blessings…love you queen

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